A permanent mediator in labor disputes, as well as civil, economic, and family dispute cases, with a focus of cross-border conflict resolution. Appointed as a mediator by the Regional Court in Gdansk, Poland (Adm. 0158-7/17), the Regional Court in Poznan (A-0137-92/17), and the Regional Court in Elblag (OA.4021.20.2018). Experience in academic research allows Dr. Majewicz to work across two areas: linguistics and cross-border mediation. She strives to increase the efficiency of communication during breakdowns and awareness of multicultural differences in cross-border conflicts.

Cooperation Coordinator for Mediators and Other Institutions at the Regional Court in Gdansk (January—July 2019)

Dr. Dorota Sylwia Majewicz is an Assistant Professor in the Institute of English and American Studies at the University of Gdansk, Poland. Her initial research was related to the axiology of persuasion and manipulation in the perspective of cognitive linguistics, and linguistic means of the expression of emotional states among adults and children. Her current research interests include primarily the discourse analysis of conflict management with the use of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) methods with emphasis on international mediation processes concerning the posting of workers and employment of foreigners, facilitation of aggressive linguistic behaviors and their effects on workplace efficiency and social relations.

Dr. Majewicz holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics from the Institute of English and American Studies, University of Gdansk (a thesis “Axiological Aspects of Persuasion in the Perspective of Cognitive Linguistics” written under the supervision of Prof. Roman Kalisz) and M.A. in Linguistics (with Teaching Qualifications) from the Institute of English, University of Gdansk (a thesis “A Study of Linguistic Strategies of Gaining Advantage in Persuasive Messages” written under the supervision of Prof. Roman Kalisz). She has studied Labor Law and Social Security at the Faculty of Law and Administration at Lazarski University of Warsaw, and received a certificate for qualified mediators in the field of labor law issued by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy, Wielkopolska Chamber of Commerce, Poznan, Department of Law and Administration, University of Adam Mickiewicz, Poland (a training: “Mediation in Labor Law—a New Practical Perspective”).

As an active international and national conference speaker, Dr. Majewicz is involved in promoting alternative dispute resolution methods as a solution in workplace conflicts as both a linguist and a mediator, she works on cross-border mediation with recognized experts in the field of the posting of workers and employment of foreigners, and with the Faculty of Management at the University of Gdansk with regard to Big Data and semantic aspects of Natural Language Processing.

Ms. Majewicz is fluent in Polish and English, and has a working knowledge of Spanish and Russian.